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Revo Performance ECU Software - Tuning for VW / Audi / Ford / Porsche

Revo Performance software offers the smoothest and most controllable power increase available for the modern motor vehicle.

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Diesel Torque Chip Tuning (PETROL & DIESEL)

Easy to install – for maximum Power

The PowerBox is an add-on plug & play tuning module manufactured from top quality components designed to improve overall performances & consumption

Features, Advantages & benefits of Diesel Torques new PowerBox

The PowerBox has the distinct advantage over an ECU remap in that the installation is very straight forward and can be done by yourself simply by following the colour photographs in the detailed instruction booklet. This also means that getting the vehicle back to standard is easy too. Another advantage of the PowerBox is that it can be reprogrammed to fit your next vehicle making it an excellent investment choice. (Please call us to check compatibility between models, charges may apply)
Multi-map technology

The PowerBox is extremely versatile and as individual as a remap of the ECU’s original software. This is what the current generation of chip tuning modules be Diesel Torque and DTE- Systems have to offer. They ensure maximum performance with minimum load. With the revolutionary new multi-map technology, 4-8 programs are stored in the chip memory and activated depending on your desired driving style. Also key are the processors we use, their main aim is to precisely match the calculation cycle to that of the main ECU and not merely the number of map operations(arrhythmic operations per second) This is the only way to ensure that the main ECU’s protective functions remain in tact.

The processors used are of particular importance. For them what is important is not the maximum number of map operations (arithmetic operations / sec.), but the fact that the calculation cycle corresponds exactly to that of the main engine control unit.

This is the only way to ensure that fine scanning of the grid is possible in real-time and the protection functions of the ECU (main control unit) are unaffected.

Self-Learning auto calibration

Another development is the ability of the systems to learn the unique characteristics of each vehicle. During a short run-in period, the memory function gathers the individual data of the different injection cycles. This information serves as a basis for optimisation. This way, standard tolerances are compensated for and the best results obtained for each vehicle – without any complicated manual settings.
Compatible with Catalytic Converters

Another advantage of the PowerBox with multi-map technology is the fact that it adheres to the legal emissions prescribed for the vehicle. Due to the optimised combustion across all performance ranges that fuel is used 100 % efficiency – smoke and soot are history.

Therefore the modules can be used in vehicles fitted with catalytic converters. Compliance with emission values can be confirmed by the vehicle specific TÜV Component Certificate.